Discount Any Item

Create a discount code to that can be applied to any item in your store.

  1. Navigate to Storefront Discounts (see Storefront Discounts).
  2. Select  01 Add Discount for Any Product from the Discounts menu. 
  3. Fill out the Add Discount form. See the table below for an explanation of the fields on this form.
  4. Select Private if you do not want the discount code to appear on credit card order receipts. 
  5. Save.


Add Discount 
Form Fields
Description This is the category name that will be displayed in your store when people browse the store by category, together with the category image.
Valid for Product Select root to create a brand new category.
Select an available category from the drop-down menu to create a subcategory that belongs to the parent category you select.
Price to Discount Add more information not available in the description field. The text you enter here will show as a detailed view when customers click on the category.
Percentage to Discount Add as many simple terms as you like, each separated by a comma, to help customers using the search tool.
Active This check box will make this category active and visible on your storefront.
Discount Parameters The following parameters limit the applicability of the discount. You do not need to specify any of these parameters; they are optional.
  • Quantity
You can limit the validity of the discount to orders that fall within a certain quantity range (e.g. between 5 and 10 copies, etc.)
  • Weight
Some clients sell physical products which include a weight. The weight can be used to attach shipping fees to an order on checkout.
  • Total Price
Here the parameter is the total order amount. Typically, you would set a minimum dollar amount for the purchase and any order under the minimum dollar amount would not receive the discount.
Discount Code Enter the code that your customers must use to obtain the discount. The code is entered by customers on the checkout page.
Private This check box allows admins to set certain discount codes as private within the system. A private code means that it will not appear on credit card order receipts.